You can find direction in life

with a coaching programme that's proven to work...

  • Discover what you want   

  • Create a roadmap 

  • Transform you life

Personalised content relevant to you

Apply the material to your own life and career

  • Build your confidence

    Feel the fear and doing it anyway.

  • The Success Principles

    Learn and apply the Success Principles.

  • Community

    Chat with other participants.

What you'll learn in this course

There are three key areas we will be working on

  • The Core Success Principles

    The core Success Principles will build your confidence and include • Taking 100% responsibility for your life • Unleash the power of goal setting • Use feedback to your advantage

  • Create a vision board of your life

    Learn how to create a vision board of your future life to keep you focused on your: 1. Finances 2. Job/Career 3. Free time 4. Physical health 5. Relationships 6. Personal development 7. Community

  • A visual road map of your future

    Create a personalised roadmap of how to get from where you are now to where you want to get to. This can be a short 1 year plan or longer plan over several years.


  • Workshop participant

    “At the start I was unsure of my future but now at the end I am worrying less, and this has really opened my eyes. I’m clear and positive for the future”

  • Workshop participant

    "So I just wanted to email you to say thank you, that you've actually changed my life in an hour and I'm genuinely excited for my future"

  • CIPD workshop

    "Just wanted to say a huge thank you once again for delivering the session for us last night - our members really loved it and we've had some great feedback already"

What you will practice on the course

The course has interactive and engaging lessons

  • Core Success Principles

    Live learning and practice of the Core Success Principles

  • Creating a vision board

    How to create your vision board and road map and share it with others.

  • Confidence

    How to move through emotional blocks o increase confidence

Are you ready?

This course is for you if you...

  • Want to transform your life but need the confidence to take the next step

  • Want something more from life but don't know what it is

  • Need to change direction

  • Need help to make the changes to your life

  • Feel that doing it by yourself scares you

How this course works

Bite sized activities in your own time

Each session will guide you through the fundamentals for a successful life. Typical content will include:

  1. Discover what you want (or don't)
  2. Creating your own vision board
  3. Learn the power of setting goals

Your trainer is Lesley Strachan

A Certified Trainer in The Success Principles

Bonus material

Enrol now and get these bonuses for free

  • Bonus 1

    A closed on-line community where you can discuss and share ideas in a safe environment.

  • Bonus 2

    A free group 'office hour' in between sessions where you can get additional help and support. Worth £660.00

  • Bonus 3

    A review and suggestions for improving your CV. Useful if you haven't updated it for years! Worth £220.00.

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