Welcome to the start of your new life and career

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Welcome to the start of your new life

You're only 8 hours away

  • So why not join our 2021 Virtual personal development training boot camp.

  • Master the core competencies for effectively creating your future from your future, not your past. 

  • 8 x 1-hour live training online boot camp starting February 2021 with Lesley Strachan 

  • Limited to 20 participants (only 9 spots remain, register today)

Personalised content relevant to you

Apply the material to your own life and career

  • Build your confidence

    Confidence doesn’t spring out of anywhere. Self-esteem is created by surviving a risk. It's acquired by taking action, receiving feedback, and progress over time. That's why the Bootcamp is designed to build your confidence and gain valuable experience by practicing amongst your peers with experienced mentors at your side for real-time feedback.

  • Build the life you will love

    You are being called to do things you may have never done before to adapt to the new normal and that means you need resources, training, and practice using the tools of the trade! As part of the Bootcamp you will gain valuable knowledge and experience working with The Success Principles to enable you to create the life you will love! 

  • Building your community

    The power of your community is the secret sauce for ongoing success. The Bootcamp is limited to 20 participants to ensure a strong group bond. You will learn together, grow together, practice together, and who knows, perhaps even work together!

What you'll learn in this course

There are three key areas we will be working on

  • The Core Success Principles

    The core Success Principles will build your confidence and include • Taking 100% responsibility • Giving up excuses • E + R = O • Decide what you want • Believe it's possible • Belief in yourself

  • Create a vision board of your life

    Learn how to create a vision board of your future life to keep you focused on your: 1. Finances 2. Job/Career 3. Free time 4. Physical health 5. Relationships 6. Personal development 7. Community

  • A visual road map of your future

    Create a personalised roadmap of how to get from where you are now to where you want to get to. This can be a 5, 10, 15 or 20 year plan for your future in each of the 7 areas of your vision board.


  • Workshop participant

    “At the start I was unsure of my future but now at the end I am worrying less, and this has really opened my eyes. I’m clear and positive for the future”

  • Workshop participant

    "So I just wanted to email you to say thank you, that you've actually changed my life in an hour and I'm genuinely excited for my future"

  • CIPD workshop

    "Just wanted to say a huge thank you once again for delivering the session for us last night - our members really loved it and we've had some great feedback already"

How you will learn

The Virtual Training Skills Bootcamp combines a blended learning model for maximum development

  • Group learning - Core learning will be delivered to the full group

  • Small group breakouts - An important aspect of the bootcamp is the small group practice and feedback sessions. Getting into the smaller groups allows for the proper attention and learning to grow your skills, confidence and competence

  • Self-paced learning - Aspects of the Bootcamp are best learned at your own pace. This may include worksheets, exercises or videos that will lay foundational knowledge that will allow us to go deeper when we convene on our virtual training days

  • Masterminding - Expanding your ideas with the help of others is fundamental for success. The bootcamp integrates the powerful success principle of Masterminding to leverage the power of your peers for their accountability, feedback, and brainstorming.

  • Feedback - • Receive ongoing personal feedback on your progress

What you will practice

The course has interactive and engaging workshops designed to build your confidence.

  • Core Success Principles

    Live learning and practice of the Core Success Principles designed to move you towards your new future

  • Creating your vision board

    How to create your vision board and road map and sharing it with others and get feedback in a safe environment

  • Moving towards positivity

    Deep processing techniques designed to move you through emotional blocks, to resolution and inspired action

If you're ready to create the life you want here's your chance!

This virtual boot camp is for you if you...

  • Want to transform your life but need the confidence to take the next step

  • Want something more from life but don't know what it is

  • Need to change direction

  • Need help to make the changes to your life

  • Feel that doing it by yourself scares you


8 x 1-hour training sessions

February 9 -16- 23

March 2 -9 -16 -23 -30

Please note all virtual live sessions are 11:00-12:00 GMT facilitated on Zoom. 

All non-breakout room content will be recorded and made available.

February 09 - A deep dive and practice of the Core Success Principles so we can hit the ground running, making sure you the schedule and what you can expect, settle any nerves and more. Focusing on the financial area of your life. Support group and discussion area.

February 16 - Visualising your ideal job or career

February 23 - Focusing on developing your free time and recreation time

March 02 - What's your ideal vision of your body and your physical health?

March 09 -  How are you relationships with your family and friends?

March 16 - Developing yourself

March 23 - Your contribution to your community 

March 30 - Your vision board and road map - sharing with group 

Your trainer

This course is led by Lesley Strachan

Senior Instructor

Lesley Strachan

The UK leader in Coaching “The Success Principles™ I began my personal development coaching career in universities where over 70% of young adults had no idea what they wanted from their life and career which inhibited their future potential. I quickly became interested in how to motivate my students to believe in themselves - and their ability to learn and succeed in life whilst teaching Marketing. Shortly afterwards I became a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer which is proven system that has helped millions of people create the life of their dreams from pupils in school to adults looking for a new direction or focus in life. I regularly host face to face and on-line workshops for adults looking for a new direction in life and my goal is to help you to realise or discover their potential whatever background you come from. Lesley has published a book called “The Ultimate Guide for Parents: How to help your kids become self-confident, happy and passionate.” She is also the originator of The Success Principles for Teenagers which is now taught is schools and Universities in the UK. Lesley lives in Hampshire, UK with my husband and my West Highland Terrier.

Bonus material

Enrol now and get these bonuses for free

  • Bonus 1

    A closed on-line community within the course where you can discuss and share ideas with the other participants in a safe learning environment.

  • Bonus 2

    A free 30-minute 1-1 coaching session with me to deep dive into areas which you feel you need additional help with from the course content. Worth £110.00

  • Bonus 3

    A review and update advice on your CV worth £220.00. This is useful if you are thinking of getting into the workplace or changing direction and need to update your skills.

Create Your Future Workshops

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