My course on how to find the life you will LOVE

Will help you to overcome self-doubt by learning to...

  • Find out what you truly want in life

  • Create a customised personal plan covering 6 areas of your life

  • join to on-line live training sessions

  • Engage in interactive lessons to create your plan

  • Get feedback on your mini assignments

  • Meet like-minded people

  • TRANSFORM your self-confidence

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to find the life and career you'll LOVE!

  • 2

    Make an 'I want' list

    • Make an ‘I want’ list

    • Example of an 'I want' list'

  • 3

    Your career

    • Careers & Artificial Intelligence

    • Future job & career opportunities for you

    • Finance & Career

    • Your CV

  • 4

    Your free time?

    • How do you spend your free time?

    • How do you spend your free time?

  • 5

    Your health and fitness

    • Health & Fitness

  • 6

    Your relationships

    • Relationships

    • Your Relationships

    • Personal Goals

  • 7

    Your ideal life

    • Your ideal life

  • 8

    Love your community

    • Your contribution to the larger community

    • Love the community you live in

    • Love the community you live in

    • Your community

  • 9

    What will you differently?

    • What will you do differently?

    • What's important to you?

  • 10

    Measuring your attitude to life

    • Choosing and maintaining a positive attitude

    • Do you have a positive attitude?

    • How motivated are you?

    • Choose a mental skill to work on this month

    • My goals

  • 11

    Your finances

    • Reflecting on where you are now

  • 12

    How to get more free time in your life

    • How to get more free time in your life

  • 13

    How to be fitter and healthier

    • How to get fitter and healthier

    • Bringing all your exercises together

  • 14

    and finally.....

    • We love feedback....

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